Intelligence of the Black Goddess.

As we will define for Black Intelligence,

noun: intelligence -the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”an eminent man of great intelligence”

synonyms:        intellectual capacity, mental capacity, intellect, mind, brain(s), IQ, brainpower, judgment, reasoning, understanding, comprehension; More a person or being with the ability to acquire and apply knowledge.

2. the collection of information of military or political value. “the chief of military intelligence”synonyms:        information gathering, surveillance, observation, reconnaissance, spying, espionage, infiltration, ELINT, humint; More people employed in the collection of military or political information.

“French intelligence has been able to secure numerous local informers”

military or political information.”the gathering of intelligence”synonyms:        information, facts, details, particulars, data, knowledge, reports, inside story, hot tip

Between 2009 and 2010, black women earned 68 per cent of associate’s degrees, 66 per cent ofAreva Martin Harvard bachelor’s degrees, 71 per cent of master’s degrees and 65 per cent of all doctorate degrees awarded to black students.

The percentage of black students attending college has increased from 10 per cent to 15 per cent from 1976 to 2012, while the percentage of white students fell from 84 to 60 per cent.

By both race and gender, a higher percentage of black women (9.7 per cent) is enrolled in college than any other group, including Asian women (8.7 per cent), white women (7.1 per cent) and white men (6.1 per cent).

atalyst found in 2014 that Asian, black, and Hispanic women make up 17 per cent of workers in S&P 500 companies, but fewer than four per cent of executive officials and managers.

The same groups also make up fewer than three per cent of Fortune 500 company board directors.