Brandi Maxiell Amazing Beauty Basket Ball Wives

So this is Brandi Maxiell a Very beautiful woman. Amazingly beautiful. Then you think about it her husband cheated on her 341 times. Which is just amazing so yes Jason maxiell was her husband who played for the Detroit Pistons for a number years thing still does. And he recently revealed that he slept with over 341 women and I believe a good portion of those incursions were during the course of their marriage.

And all I can say is how I mean why. I mean seriously this woman your rich guy she’s home all day taking care of herself looking good. how would you have time to be with anybody else? It just seems like to me the smart thing to do would be to spend all your time taking her clothes off. And worshipping that high quality temple.

She’s absolutely amazing to look at she’s, got this great skin. These incredible lips, the perfect almond-shaped eyes and she’s got just amazing proportions when you’re talking about the butt and the curves. So I’m shocked.

she’s going on a parlay her looks into some time on the reality show Basketball Wives.  And is now working at a representative for the Big 3 basketball league. And I’m glad I mean we get to obviously see her a lot more. She also works as a brand ambassador for a lot of product so the young beautiful brown ebony woman is definitely taking it on herself to make a name for herself.

Maxiell was born in Dallas Texas she’s of course been married to Jason maxiell since 2010 she graduated from the University of North Texas and she has one child Jason maxiell Junior I want to link to her Instagram below and definitely check out her amazing gallery.