At times like this you just have to thank the melanin goddess. Lulu Simmons is literally a ridiculously beautiful woman in every aspect possible. She is an entrepreneur a brand ambassador and a television personality.

She Rose to fame from appearing on the 8th season of Nick Cannon’s show Wild n’ Out!. She captivated a live audience and burst in a social media Fame. She has over 380,000 Instagram followers at this point.

The young beautiful melanin goddess uses her social media Fame to promote products. And generally works as a brand ambassador. She is absolutely stunning in terms of physical Beauty. Keeping herself both physically fit. And physically beautiful.

She has the incredible almond-shaped eyes that you know this site values. Beautiful beautiful chocolate skin. And incredible shape great curves.

And then one thing I really appreciate about her was the full size lips these really bring a lot of life to her face. Lulu focuses her Instagram page on taking a variety of photos. All of her photos look very well stage and professionally photographed. So in that she stands apart from most Instagram models. And it’s worth it she’s definitely a Next Level model. So the exit professionalism only further enhances her incredible look.

While she looks Flawless in a two piece. And I love to see her in that. I’m also equally impressed with a lot of the very classy High fashion photos she does. She can look just as gorgeous in a full-length dress. Which of course is an impressive thing.

She seems to smile very easily and it shows well on the camera and in general this woman is just extremely photogenic. I’m going to include her Instagram link here. But definitely check out the gallery we’ve included below. And by this time we should have uploaded the video tribute to Lulu Simmons as well.