Malaysia Pargo Classic Beauty

Malaysia Pargo is freaking hot. Malaysia Pargo Classic Beauty.  It’s literally ridiculous. She is the former wife of Lakers guard jannero Pargo who was with the team for a couple of championships or maybe one championship. And the thing about it is he’s never going to get anybody even close to that again right.  she’s so insanely gorgeous that like that’s the last person that you ever want to be like that’s my ex-wife I can’t allow that to happen like. How could you be like ‘yeah that’s my ex and now I’m with the scrub check cuz I no longer playing in the NBA’ . That’s pretty much what he’s dealing with. And I know he was in the NBA he might have got a ring and all that but you were never like a big-time players so you  never had that big contract so you might actually be broke. So she’s doing reality TV. Appearing on Basketball Wives for the past several seasons. She also has a pretty massive social media following especially Instagram. So she works as a brand ambassador and promotes makeup and diet items and clothing. And much success to her she is just a gorgeous melanin goddess.

She has incredible almond eyes, beautiful brown skin and a righteous body. She really hits on all points.