Nia Franklin Miss America. So let me start by saying that Nia Franklin is a slim slice of wow. ThisNia Franklin Miss America 2019 young lady is amazing.  Franklin of New York recently won the title of Miss America 2019. She obviously is one of the few African-Americans or should I say melanated women who have been honored with this award.

The Winston-Salem native relocated to New York. Obviously to give herself a better chance at the type of exposure you get from a large city and it definitely paid off .

She  is the first woman to win the crown since they decided to remove the swimsuit portion of the competition. If there had been a swimsuit competition. She definitely would have won.   showing people that beautiful melanin skin and that wonderful melanated shape definitely I think would have given her even more of advantage.  But she proved herself to be multi-talented highly intelligent articulate and best of all very passionate. so we want to congratulate this melanin sister.