Omarosa Melanin Insider

Omarosa. I have no idea what her last name is..but does it really matter? I say no. Omarosa is that raw, that O.G. , that damn savage. The former  Celebrity Apprentice contestant and Trump cultist, turn, White House aid, turn viper, turned author has help usher in on of the biggest news stories of the year. She taught her former boss, President Donald Trump, a master lesson in the vicious business world that he was supposed to be schooling her in.

Her books sales are on the rise and she’s on every news show in the country. Some may not like her tactics but is you are going to play that game then play to win. Like a wise man once said “If you’re going to be a monkey, be a guerrilla. 

So obviously I’m giving her mad props on her business savvy and intelligence. Knowing how to read the situation and make the best money moves for herself.

And let’s be honest, for a brainy, hyper aggressive pit viper, she keeps herself looking nice. The 44 years old has a great fashion sense, maintain a nice figure and has flawless melanin skin.

TV shows: The Apprentice, The Ultimate Merger, MORE

Education: Central State University (1996), United Theological Seminary, Howard University