Ramona Smith 2018 Toastmaster World Champion

I love to see my sisters shine. And Ramona Smith 2018 Toastmaster World Champion is truly shining.  Ramona Smith, a 31-year-old teacher from Houston, won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking competition on Saturday.

Smith broke down the techniques she used in her winning speech in an interview with Business Insider.

Ramona make an excellent addition to our archive of Melanin intelligence and general goddess worship. I was so proud of this pretty brown skinned woman and her accomplishments.


Smith, a 31-year-old high-school teacher from Houston, outlasted more than 30,000 other speakers. Contestants from around the world over the six-month World Championship of Public Speaking competition. This is  the largest competition of its kind. She and nine other finalists delivered speeches to a crowd of 2,000 in Chicago over the weekend during the annual Toastmasters International Convention.

Smith is just the second African-American woman.  And the fifth woman overall to win the public-speaking championship since it began in 1938. Ramona exudes confidence and Intelligence.  And lets not forget how beautiful she.

Smith’s winning speech, titled “Still Standing,” explored how she found strength in the face of adversity throughout her life. You can watch the seven-minute speech below.


She chose a creative way to get through to her audience

The first step toward a good speech is finding the right way to convey information to your audience.

Smith’s speech used a metaphor that many people are familiar with. A boxing match —to describe various points in her life.  Like when she was knocked down but refused to give up. Including her dropping out of college, her divorce. And her early failures on the public-speaking circuit.

“Pain and difficulty and adversity, those are things that everybody everywhere can deal with, whether you’re in America or Australia or Africa,” Smith told Business Insider. “We all experience times when we feel like life has knocked us down.”