Sloane Stephens Superior Genetics

Every now and then I get the rare pleasure of finding a beautiful melanin Goddess. I was never aware of before I started the search today. I’m always trying to find good content to put on the site to keep you guys engaged and active on the website.

So today I found Sloane Stephens.  She is an american professional tennis player. And just by chance a beautiful gorgeous fit melanin princess. I was just stunned by the images I found her online. I took a little time to read about her back story. Obviously in the day and age of Serena being the mega star.  Who’s dominating not only tennis but also is the female face of sports almost globally.

We sometimes don’t get to hear about other deserving black athletes. In this case we’re looking at Stone Stevens.   I’m glad I found her. I put together nice Gallery of her images online you guys can check out below. Definitely leave your comments and share.   I think she’s an amazing story.  I definitely want to start featuring more and more of the sisters that no don’t necessarily get the top billing.  Thank you goddess.